Gangster rapper Bushido says hello

Monday, 7. July 2019

Once the Berlin gangster rapper Bushido complained about the poor quality of service in the post office on Hindenburgdamm in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Since then, not much has been said about the old post office – a beautiful listed building dating from 1929. The post office closed and the area, expanded by a couple of new buildings, was to become a new home for families wanting to fulfill their dreams of living in West Berlin.

Two marketing attempts later, however, the start of construction was still not in sight – because the previous project developer had bet on the wrong communication. The project changed the marketer, and he bet on Borker Hoppenstedt. We have taken a different approach and, with the naming “Am Postufer” and the corresponding look, developed a campaign that finally activates the target group – in a high-quality, credible and family-friendly way. The construction has meanwhile started.

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