Hanover calls – Carreño Hansen joins in

Thursday, 4. April 2019

One of the tasks of a German city is to announce public events – whether a groundbreaking ceremony for a new bicycle path, a meeting with the Maschsee lake authority or the arrival of a Chinese trade delegation is concerned. The city of Hanover calls – David Carreño Hansen joins in. For several years now, the photographer has attended almost every public event, documenting it with his unsparingly direct yet loving gaze.

The book “Termin” (official appointment) was created in co-operation with Borker Hoppenstedt. At first glance, the cover exudes the institutional charm of a German state authority. But the inside pages reveal the diversity of the most German of cities, Hanover, in a sober but humorous way. This was also appreciated by the jury of “Deutscher Fotobuchpreis” (German Photo Book Award), which honored the work with a silver award in 2018.

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