Heading to new shores

Saturday, 5. May 2019

The Berlin start-up Augletics has done everything right. Over a period of five years, the engineers and rowing enthusiasts developed a rowing ergometer that outshines the competition. The resistance feels real from the very first pull, the virtual coach helps to improve movement patterns and soon one will even be able to row on the Thames via virtual reality. The German Olympic champions Julia Lier, Karl Schulze and Lauritz Schoof were even involved in the product development.

When the product was finally market-ready, there was still one thing missing: a strong brand image that embodies the lifestyle of the rowing community and places the product in the premium segment, right where it belongs. Together with our client, we developed a corporate identity that does just that. With this holistic brand identity, Augletics is continuously expanding its target group and rowing to new shores. 

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