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Sunny prospects

Monday, 8. August 2019

The Berlin start-up zolar has a vision: the production of electricity should go green, and the producers should become more independent. What previously was the concern of the big energy companies should more and more be in the hands of the people. By installing photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of the Republic, the consumers themselves become energy producers.

Taking account of the substantial growth of the brand zolar and its community, we have developed a professional, consistent, and pleasant visual language. The brand is presented where its customers are at home: in their own house with a garden – and a solar roof. The sunny, authentic themes reflect zolar’s corporate values: familial, approachable, and genuine.



Gangster rapper Bushido says hello

Monday, 7. July 2019

Once the Berlin gangster rapper Bushido complained about the poor quality of service in the post office on Hindenburgdamm in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Since then, not much has been said about the old post office – a beautiful listed building dating from 1929. The post office closed and the area, expanded by a couple of new buildings, was to become a new home for families wanting to fulfill their dreams of living in West Berlin.

Two marketing attempts later, however, the start of construction was still not in sight – because the previous project developer had bet on the wrong communication. The project changed the marketer, and he bet on Borker Hoppenstedt. We have taken a different approach and, with the naming “Am Postufer” and the corresponding look, developed a campaign that finally activates the target group – in a high-quality, credible and family-friendly way. The construction has meanwhile started.



Personalized Perfection

Friday, 6. June 2019

The permanent make-up brand amiea has been one of the world market leaders in microneedling for several years. Because true global leaders never rest on their successes, amiea is constantly researching better and more compatible formulas for the optimal composition of their skin and lip colours. The result: amiea is launching two new colour lines – the “Evolution Line” and the “Organic Line”.

Brochures & color fans

To account for the relaunch in brand communication, we have given it a complete facelift based on the existing look. The previously quite technical presentation of the contents now gives way to a high-quality display of products and colours. We have developed various brochures for B2B communication, as well as colour charts and an online tool for choosing the appropriate colours for the particular skin types.

Microsite & online color finder



Heading to new shores

Saturday, 5. May 2019

The Berlin start-up Augletics has done everything right. Over a period of five years, the engineers and rowing enthusiasts developed a rowing ergometer that outshines the competition. The resistance feels real from the very first pull, the virtual coach helps to improve movement patterns and soon one will even be able to row on the Thames via virtual reality. The German Olympic champions Julia Lier, Karl Schulze and Lauritz Schoof were even involved in the product development.

When the product was finally market-ready, there was still one thing missing: a strong brand image that embodies the lifestyle of the rowing community and places the product in the premium segment, right where it belongs. Together with our client, we developed a corporate identity that does just that. With this holistic brand identity, Augletics is continuously expanding its target group and rowing to new shores. 

Visit the website: augletics.de


Play football and talk about it

Tuesday, 3. March 2019

Not everyone has a perfect start in life. Some teenagers have to work very hard for the things that other youngsters take for granted. The Spielmacher team watches out for their boys and makes sure they stay focused and keep their feet on the ground. In lots of ways – not only by playing football. But this is where the youngsters learn to treat themselves and others with respect. They receive coaching and help to find apprenticeships and deal with other challenges that life can throw their way.

But Spielmacher itself needs supporters as well in order to keep the project going and help the team continue its successful work. In a brochure and additional promotional materials, we brought the story of Spielmacher to life to help the funding association find sponsors. The self-confident appearance not only strengthens external perception but also helps the team and players identify with the project. One for all – all for one.