Play football and talk about it

Tuesday, 3. March 2019

Not everyone has a perfect start in life. Some teenagers have to work very hard for the things that other youngsters take for granted. The Spielmacher team watches out for their boys and makes sure they stay focused and keep their feet on the ground. In lots of ways – not only by playing football. But this is where the youngsters learn to treat themselves and others with respect. They receive coaching and help to find apprenticeships and deal with other challenges that life can throw their way.

But Spielmacher itself needs supporters as well in order to keep the project going and help the team continue its successful work. In a brochure and additional promotional materials, we brought the story of Spielmacher to life to help the funding association find sponsors. The self-confident appearance not only strengthens external perception but also helps the team and players identify with the project. One for all – all for one.

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